after trying a long time I finally get a photo of a beautiful woman fromchina, want to know who she is?

Her name Is Lin Mei Ying ( Arischtia Praevianti ) and she was born at Taipei, 1994 November 16, so she is 16 years old ... hmm.. she was very young . hehehhehe . 

I've asked her about her hobbies and favorite food? if you want to know what the answer from her ?lets see it ... ^^

Sufli : what's your hobby and what's your favorite food Lin ?
LIn   : im very like skating and traveling , and sea food is my favorite food ^^ Yummmy .. 
          i like skating becouse It's make me feel so fun and it's a sport that I love .... hehe :)

Hey hey hey .. there is litle secret about her .. """" *** SHE NOT HAD A BOY FRIEND .. Hiihihihihihii :) :Pand for you who want to be her boyfriend must have the following requirements:
- 100% Man
- Good Personalities
- and Most memorable thing

OK OK OK .. i think enough .. Hummm ... hmm .. rather tired to be a journalist.heheheThanks Lin Mei .. :*




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