after trying a long time I finally get a photo of a beautiful woman fromchina, want to know who she is?

Her name Is Lin Mei Ying ( Arischtia Praevianti ) and she was born at Taipei, 1994 November 16, so she is 16 years old ... hmm.. she was very young . hehehhehe . 

I've asked her about her hobbies and favorite food? if you want to know what the answer from her ?lets see it ... ^^

Sufli : what's your hobby and what's your favorite food Lin ?
LIn   : im very like skating and traveling , and sea food is my favorite food ^^ Yummmy .. 
          i like skating becouse It's make me feel so fun and it's a sport that I love .... hehe :)

Hey hey hey .. there is litle secret about her .. """" *** SHE NOT HAD A BOY FRIEND .. Hiihihihihihii :) :Pand for you who want to be her boyfriend must have the following requirements:
- 100% Man
- Good Personalities
- and Most memorable thing

OK OK OK .. i think enough .. Hummm ... hmm .. rather tired to be a journalist.heheheThanks Lin Mei .. :*


Post Title. 02/03/2011

About  mygirl_277096389@qq.com 

before I write more, I want to tell to you all if writing is the beginning of success, even though it was just something not so important .. so do not be lazy to write though it is only a word .. ok
then, why is there a picture of a beautiful woman on the side ? who is she?
ok .. she was a teenage woman who came from China (if not mistaken) .. hehehehe
I knew her was about 05; 00 pm on 3 -February-2011.. oh yes, she named 声音 and she was born in china 23 - february - 1996 her english name is ********  I forgot, hehhehe..
I will ask later if she's online again ...
                                      I do not really know about her so much , so maybe this only can I explain about her ...
and to 声音 safely reading ... :)

Post Title. 02/01/2011

friend part II

hmm...come on if you want to know who is on the picture beside this?
besides this guy is named Xiaoshuai, seems hell good person, 

butI'm not necessarily convinced, because I do not know him directly ..
oh yes, he now lives in China, and he's still in school ..

O god, why I could know him, but I hope to get a femaleacquaintance. hehehe
joke man .. nice to know you xiao .. ok . 

Post Title. 02/01/2011

My New Friend

ok ok ok ok ..

besides this picture is a picture of a woman who came from across the country, her name is bei bei, but he also has the english name is Serena, my heart feels glad to get to know him, he seems a beautiful woman, I have hope someday to meet him and be direct acquaintance with her ..
ok .. I think enough until I wrote it here first, because he was waiting to read this article .. hehe

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